Dear player, trainer, teacher, crossminton fan.

We are happy to share some useful education material with you for clinics, workshops & qualifications. If you have also helpful stuff for our sport (exercises, descriptions, explanations, game videos) donĀ“t hesitate to contact us. We are glad to put your experiences also on this page.



Speed Badminton Guide for Crossminton – 2013

TeachersGuide from Speedminton(R) – 2012

Spielabzeichen – in german – 2014


For qualifications

PDF: Structur of workshops, educations

PPP: Introduction presentation of workshops, educations

PDF: The first Crossminton lesson 1,5-2hMovement education_edit

PDF: Lesson – template – german

PDF: Movement education (Basics, strikes, tactics, …)

PDF: Footwork_English

PDF: Equipment check

PDF: Head umpire education


Practical lessons: 8 lessons in a row – powered by Speedminton(R)

Funcional exercise rows, techniques, training schedules:

Lesson1 – Basics

Lesson2 – FH+BH Introduction

Lesson3 – Serve recap

Lesson4 – Overhead-Forehand

Lesson5 – Recap and drive

Lesson6 – Offensive tactics

Lesson7 – Defensive tactics

Lesson8 – Playing doubles



Rene Lewicki and Daniel Gossen – rules and movement status: 2011 – in german!

Exercise movies

Trainingcamps for kids