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All Crossminton tournaments are classified by an official point system. The world series tournaments are split in categories ranging from 2000 points, 1000 points, 500 points to 250 points.

Each participating country can host one master series tournament with the value of 1000 points (only five are awarded) respectively 500 points, one junior tournament valuing 500 points and  four international series tournaments valuing 250 points annually. Results from these competitions provide the qualifications for international ranking.

The status of a 2000 point tournament is reserved for the European Championship and for the World Championship.

ICO controls the number of tournaments per country, as well as providing counsel to the hosting organizations. The organizers commit themselves to respect all match and tournament rules and the referee guidelines.

An organized tournament will be supported by the ICO, if the consistent ICO standards are observed and the tournaments conform to the ICO standards.

All ICO ranked divisions have to be announced in single and/ or double.

After each tournament the organizing sports club or the National Association has to send a report and the results according to the style sheet to the ICO. Every report will be published on this homepage.


We use a tournament software program for the registration process from Ophardt TEAM.

If you are a new player and want to take part in the world series, find here the link to register to Ophardt.

LINK to the OPHARDT to register for tournaments, if you have already an ophardt account: LINK.

All required documents can be found here.