What if the tournament / divisions dont reach the minimum quantity of players and what happens with my ranking points if I’ll play in a other category because my registererd division was canceled because of to less particpants?

From the 1st January 2016 players that cant play their own category due to the low number of players will play any other category that they are allowed to play, but points will be awarded for all categories that they could play, including their own category. Find here the minable ranking points.
Results will only be counted into the ICO ranking if: 4 registered players participate in the Junior divisions and 8 registered players participate in the other divisions (in doubles: 4 pairs). Otherwise participants are graded in the next division (exception: put together U12, U14 singles & U18 doubles – explanation for seeding players: players who must be switched to another division which they registered for go in the draw by ranking position if available for the new division or otherwise by lot).