ICO Neisse Junior Open 2019 – a huge success

The 2nd ICO Neisse Junior Open, a crossminton (speed badminton) tournament only for kids and teenagers, took place in Görlitz on 13th April 2019.

The organiser was NSAC Neissespeeder 09 Görlitz.

German players participated in the tournament as well as players from poland, czech republic, slovenia, lithuania and afghanistan. Some of them participated already in the 1st ICO Neisse Junior Open two years ago.

In total 52 players made their way to Görlitz. Even the polish u18 boy Maciej Filipowicz, who is leading the world ranking list, arrived.

Already the group matches were really exciting and partially emotional because everybody wanted to achieve the finals.

A lot of spectators came to cheer their favourite player and some of them also had to wipe away the tears of a kid after a lost match.

Finally almost every obvious favourite of each category won the tournament.

The winner of u12 female is Natalie Krpălkovă (CZE) and in the category u12 male it is Jakob Jevševar (SLO). Ema Stella Novak (SLO) won in her category u14 female as well as Maurice Nicks (GER) in the category u14 male. The berlin girl Antonia Möckel (GER) won the category u18 female and Maciej Filipowicz (POL) defended his titel in the category u18 male.

During the whole tournament the atmosphere was very friendly and the players were fair and congratulated each other.

In addition the catering was varied and there was enough food for everyone. This was only possible because of many helpful parents and sponsors.

At the end of the day the winners and runners-up were pleased with their cups, medals, certificates and material donations from sponsors.

Congratulations to all players on your successfull participation.