Dear player, trainer, teacher, crossminton fan.

We are happy to share some useful education material with you for clinics, workshops & qualifications. If you have also helpful stuff for our sport (exercises, descriptions, explanations, game videos) don´t hesitate to contact us. We are glad to put your experiences also on this page.



Speed Badminton Guide for Crossminton – 2013

TeachersGuide from Speedminton(R) – 2012

Spielabzeichen – in german – 2014


For qualifications

PDF: Structur of workshops, educations

PPP: Introduction presentation of workshops, educations

PDF: The first Crossminton lesson 1,5-2hMovement education_edit

PDF: Lesson – template – german

PDF: Movement education (Basics, strikes, tactics, …)

PDF: Footwork_English

PDF: Equipment check

PDF: Head umpire education


Practical lessons: 8 lessons in a row – powered by Speedminton(R)

Funcional exercise rows, techniques, training schedules:

Lesson1 – Basics

Lesson2 – FH+BH Introduction

Lesson3 – Serve recap

Lesson4 – Overhead-Forehand

Lesson5 – Recap and drive

Lesson6 – Offensive tactics

Lesson7 – Defensive tactics

Lesson8 – Playing doubles



Rene Lewicki and Daniel Gossen – rules and movement status: 2011 – in german!

Exercise movies

Trainingcamps for kids