Jhon Smith

Matjaž Sustersič

First chairmen
Jhon Smith

Lidia Bomirska

Financial Officer
Jhon Smith

Rene Lewicki

General secretary
Jhon Smith

Maximilian Franke

Chairmen Committee of rules and tournaments
Jhon Smith

Damir Ilic

Chairmen Committee of youth
Jhon Smith

Daniel Robles Rodriguez

Chairmen Committee of development
Jhon Smith

Charly Knobling

Chairmen Committee of sport

CORAT – Committee of rules and tournaments

Contact: tournament@crossminton.org

Chairmen: Maximilian Franke

Committee of youth 

Chairmen: Damir Ilic


Lucie Plíšková

Committee of development

Chairmen: Daniel Robles Rodriguez


Dominika Haviárová

The ICO needs helpers and volunteers to handle all issues. If you wanna be part of it and help to improve the sport contact us.