7th ICO Crossminton European Championships 2024

Date: July 3rd 2024. to July 7th 2024. (July 3rd only for registration).

Entry form: Tournament Software (ico.tournamentsoftware.com)

Entry deadline: 31th May 2024

Cancellation deadline: 20th June 2024

Venue: Balatonboglár – Tennis Centre, 2 Tinódi street, Balatonboglár

Discounted accommodation option! You can book until March 31. NEKA handball academy accommodation.

Prices: dormitory room 1,2,3 beds 9500 HUF, hotel 1,2 beds 11500 HUF/person/day, apartment 2 beds 21000 HUF/day, 4 beds 42000 HUF/day

Participation fee:

payment by bank transfer deadline: 31th May 2024

don’t forget to enter your name in the announcement!

bank account: IBAN: HU68 1176 3464 2437 9887 0000 0000

Adult and senior categories 60 €
Junior categories 40 €
Adult and senior doubles categories 15 € (per player)
Junior doubles categories 10 € (per player)

Championship director: Károly Vincze

Head Umpire: Gyula Kozári

Number of courts: 22 (2 centre courts)

Surface: clay

Registration on July 3rd (from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM)

Opening ceremony: July 4th at 9:00 AM

Start of matches: July 4th at 10:00 AM

Expected schedule:

July 4th – all doubles matches and awards ceremonies if possible start of singles in some categories, depending on number of participants of the EC);

July 5th – group phase matches for all categories;

July 6th – KO matches for all categories and award ceremoniesin case of bad weather (rain storms or extreme heat), larger number of participants then expected, or any other inconvenience on one or more days, final day of the championship will be July 7thfresh water will be available from chilled steel tanks, fruits will also be availableplayers party will be held at the venue on July 7th

The tournament office is completely separated from the competitors, calm and precise processing of data and information is guaranteed.

The entire tennis centre has an adequate sound system.

Technical staff will be volunteers from the local high school. For the semi-finals and finals, match officials and line referees with ICO licenses will be provided.

There is a public beach 100m from the venue, as well a large number of accommodation options and restaurants.

During the week of the EC, there will be a major music festival in Zamardi (30km from Balatonboglar) and the organisers are encouraging all players to find accommodation in Balatonboglar as soon as possible.
The venue’s promo video can be seen here: