The Game


Crossminton is a racket sport like Tennis and Badminton – two (or four) opponents facing each other, each defending their “side” or “scoring area” while trying to score on their opponents.

But unlike Tennis and Badminton – Crossminton does not have a net in between the scoring areas; the scoring areas are separated by space (the distance between the scoring areas is 42 feet (12.8 m) for U18 to adult play and 29 ft (9 m) for juniors U12 and under). The scoring areas are 18 ft x 18 ft (5.5 m x 5.5 m) squares. For perspective, a full adult court is the same length but only half the width of a tennis court – without the net, of course.

Rather than a tennis ball or a shuttlecock (or birdie), a “Speeder®” is used in Crossminton. A Speeder® is shaped like a shuttlecock but is half the height and double the weight with a high density rubber end. It is less affected by the wind and the average person can hit it from baseline of one square to the baseline of the other square (78 ft – the same length as a tennis court).

The racquets are unique as well – Crossminton racquets are shaped somewhat like a squash racquet but shorter; the tempo of the game can be quite fast and it is easier to get a shorter racquet into position to hit a ‘speeding’ Speeder®!