ICO trainer- / head umpire workshops, educations and training camps

One of the most import objectives of the ICO is the education and development of referees and coaches. We help our members to perform educations for coaches and/or head umpires. There are several options which kind of education you want to organize. 2-3h workshops, 3 days educations to get licences or certificates or one week camps for kids or adults. If you are interested to take part or to make an education in your country contact gossen(at)

C- Level licenses

In cooperation with the ICO, the DCV offers committed professional or amateur athletes who want to get a C coaching license a practice-oriented training. The training mediates the fundamental organizational, pedagogic, sportsbiological/physiological and theoretical knowledge necessary for coaching. It further provides essential know-how, both theoretically and practically, on planning, design and implementation of sports lessons in the amateur sector.

The training that allows becoming a Crossminton coach qualifies the participants for planning, execution and evaluation of Crossminton practice lessons and classes at a lower level of the specific amateur and professional leagues. It furthermore permits the future coaches to lead training groups as well as to carry out personal training lessons for professional and competitive Crossminton players.

In order to become a licensed Crossminton coach, 120 learning units (LUs) have to be finished within two consecutive years.

Structure of the Formation:
The allocation of the distinct learning units, which are not entirely provided by the DCV itself, is as follows: 80/45 LUs need to be finished either in one comprehensive or in two subject-specific training courses, held by the DCV. The remaining LUs consist of an interdisciplinary basic formation (offered by the Sports Associations of the Länder/offered by the federal Sports Associations) and a two-day first aid course.For more information on the structure of the formation see Structure Coaching License C.

Admission Requirements:

  • The participant must have attained the age of majority.
  • The participant must have registered for the training.
  • Basic knowledge of Crossminton is indispensable.

Exam Regulations: there is…

  • …one written exam, which serves to test the participants’ self-study efforts. It will be held on the first weekend of the training course.
  • …one practical examination, which will take place on the end of the first weekend of the training course, focusing on the participants’ Crossminton technique.
  • …one teaching practice lesson which will be held by each of the participants at the end of the first weekend of the training course.

The Coaching License is Acquired if…

  • …the participant has passed all of the above exams.
  • …the applicant has proven evidence of his attendance at one interdisciplinary basic seminar and his participation in a first aid course.
  • …the applicant has attained the age of majority.


  • We suggest you complete the interdisciplinary basic seminar at one of the federal Sports Associations’ headquarters before attending the Crossminton-specific training courses held by the DCV.

License Fees:

The fee for one coaching license training course is:

  • 150 Euros for the first member of a DCV or ICO club,
  • 250 Euros for additional members of this specific club,

(Note that these fees do not include the costs for either the interdisciplinary basic seminar, which has to be attended compulsorily at one of the federal Sports Associations, or the obligatory first aid course. These costs can vary by association. For questions, please contact us using the following form: