Questions to the ICO from members, organizers and players ordered by topics:

FAQ Tournaments & Rules


We use a tournament software program for the registration process from Ophardt TEAM.

If you are a new player and want to take part in the world series, find here the link to register to Ophardt.

LINK to the OPHARDT to register for tournaments, if you have already an ophardt account: LINK.


All required documents to organize a tournament and requirements can be found here.

Contact address to send documents to the ICO: tournament(at)crossminton.org

Please notice that requests to the ICO will be answered and processed as soon as possible, 14 days after mailing at the latest.

Announcement – FAQ

Do we have to use the official announcement template from the ICO?

YES, of course. Please use the new Ophardt system for your announcements. If you have any questions, feel free to contact: tournament(at)crossminton.org

How much is the fee organizers have to include in the tournament fee for the ICO per player?

All tournament categories: 2,50€ per player

All participation fees will be paid directly to the organizer?

Yes, thats right. Please go sure to have the right bank account details in the announcement.

Can we add more divisions to the annoucement besides the official ones?

1000 & 500pts tournaments: NO

250pts tournaments: Yes, but there are no points for the ICO ranking

Tournament registration for players – FAQ


I forgot my passoword to the registration system or cant login again. What to do?

Use the following link to get in touch with ophardt and to re-activate your password: http://online.crossminton.ophardt-team.org/reg/

Do I have to pay a administration fee / licence fee to participate tournaments?

From the 1st January 2016 the administration fee is 5€ for one tournament per year (test license) and of 20€ for more than one tournament (annual license). Every player has to order this licence by his own via the main menu of ophardt. Licenses are valid for one season. Our season equals a calendar year. If you paid via bank transfer your licence will be confirmed by ICO in the moment the money is on the correct account (if you paid via paypal your licence is confirmed immediately after ordering).

What if the tournament / divisions dont reach the minimum quantity of players and what happens with my ranking points if I’ll play in a other category because my registererd division was canceled because of to less particpants?

From the 1st January 2016 players that cant play their own category due to the low number of players will play any other category that they are allowed to play, but points will be awarded for all categories that they could play, including their own category. Find here the minable ranking points.
Results will only be counted into the ICO ranking if: 4 registered players participate in the Junior divisions and 8 registered players participate in the other divisions (in doubles: 4 pairs). Otherwise participants are graded in the next division (exception: put together U12, U14 singles & U18 doubles – explanation for seeding players: players who must be switched to another division which they registered for go in the draw by ranking position if available for the new division or otherwise by lot).

What if I’ll cancel my participate one week before or a few days before the tournament? What if I don´t show up at the tournament? What is the term of resigne and who will back to me my payment and will pay for bank transfer?

If you cancel your registration before the no-return deadline you get your money back from the organizer (official cancelation mail to the ICO and the official organizer required!!). If the no-return deadline is oversteped the organizer has no obligation to return the money back.

Players who register for an ICO tournament but do not show up without any written and approved reason receive minus 100 points for the ranking in each division they have registered (please send the ICO the names of these players via the tournament report!).

How much is the tournament registration fee for players in countries there is no ICO member and how can we register?

The players would need to buy an individual ICO license if there is no ICO member in their country. The costs for this license are 50€ annually. Please send an mail with your contact details to bomirska(at)crossminton.org or to franke(at)crossminton.org.

Who can edit the participant list in Ophardt?

Only persons who have admin acces to the ophardt system can edit the participant lists. If you are a orginzer and want to have access rights please contact your responsible federation.

When is the registry deadline for tournaments?

14 Days before the tournament ends the possibilty to register in ophardt tournament software. If you want to change your status contact the organizer. Contacts are listed in the announcments.

I want to play the Europen Champoinships but Im not an european. Is this possible?


Tournament requirements

Is the minimum number of players also valid if I defined how many players can play in a division in advance (must be in the announcement under limited players!). 

Yes. In every case you have to reach the minimum number of players! You are free to rize the number of players in a division before your draw is confirmed by the ICO to reach the number if you see problems there.

U-12 category must be played on 4m x 4m red squares?

Yes, U12 categories play on 4 *4m squares and 9m distance. The colour must be rich in contrast compared to the the surface (recommendation: Junior courts from our main sponsor Speedminton(R)). The service line is 3m behind the attack line (requirements similar to the normal rules)

Can the dates of tournaments move?

Dates for 1.000 and 500 points tournaments cannot change anymore after they
have been officially announced.

Dates for 250 points tournaments can only change at least 3 months before the
tournament. After this deadline, the dates cannot change anymore.

If a date is changed after the deadline or after the official announcement, the
organiser must reimburse the costs to players that already had them, according to a mutual

Is it allowed to change the surface during the tournament for a division?

In case of bad weather circumstances its up to the organizer & head umpire to go on playing indoor and change surface.

In addition for 2017/18:

If there is a chance to play the finals of 1.000 and 500 points tournaments on public places with many spectators, organisers are allowed to change the venue and the surface compared to matches prior to the finals.

Tournament Results & Ranking

When will the results be uploaded in the ICO rankings and by whom?

Results will be uploaded to the rankings by the organizers themselfes. Rankings should be up to date 7 days after the tournament at latest. If you see any mistakes or you need help to upload please contact tournament(at)crossminton.org.

I dont understand the ranking point distritbution, how long are points in the ranking and what happens if I cannot play the division I registered for because of to less particpants?

Points are valid for one year and drop out automatically day by day (exception are european and world championships – these tournaments stay in 2 years till the next event). You find the point distribution document HERE if you wanna know more about how much ranking point you get for which position.

From the 1st January 2016 players that cant play their own category due to the
low number of players will play any other category that they are allowed to play, but points will
be awarded for all categories that they could play, including their own category.